Mark, This is my first post to your blog

Mark, This is my first post to your blog

Further, one cannot owe society anything

if you have not heard about it is kind of like pandora but for a presidential candidate. it is a very interesting concept and evidently a person can be nominated who is not actively chasing the presidency.

think about mark, you could be the guy who dumps neoliberal economics a ushers in the birth of a new american way…..

Have you considered throwing your hat in the ring for the Presidency? I am sure many others have posted along similar lines. However, if the “answer” is not you, it is someone like you and therefore may as well be you, no?

You have a great joie de vivre, something that used to characterize Americanism. You are a patriot in the great traditions online payday loans New Jersey of both the American Enlightenment and the bold American ethos. You are a successful business owner several times over dealing with very different personalities. You are a strategic thinker during a generation when the lack of strategic thinking is flushing this great business model down the toilet.

Nixon used to say he represented the silent majority. In this generation, the majority is not so much silent as frustrated with a GOP, Democratic Party and increasing Tea Party that are perverted versions of the American ideal.

The wealth creators do not borrow anything, but are creating value

You have conquered many tall peaks in your lifetime. How about Mt. Everest itself, that of restoring American greatness? We have reached the point, where we as a nation literally “need” greatness in the Presidency, just to get this great ship to change course. While there are incredibly qualified people out there–most of whom staying away from politics as if were the plague–but only a handful possess the charisma and edge needed to survive as a political maverick. You are in that small group.

I’m convinced that you are either an idiot savant or you are getting audited by the IRS right now and trying to make it end more quickly by carrying their water.

If Cuban wants to have a blog not a website to post his announcements, he should reply to our comments…

Also, nobody owes society anything. If I borrow something from you, I owe it back to you. The idea that you owe something to “society” means that you borrowed something from that society. The idea that the rich owe society something stems from the belief that economics is a zero sum game. It’s not. Thus, they contribute to society. It would be like borrowing $10 from me, then insisting that I owe you $5. One can owe particular people. So there is also a problem in anthropomorphizing society and treating it as teleological. From this perspective, saying someone owes society is just plain speaking nonsense

Mark, you are both right and wrong. First, what you are right about. You are right that the patriotic thing to do is to go out and make a ton of money. By doing so, one engages in economic transactions, which are the only things that will improve the economy. But you are wrong about the taxes, and you are wrong about the government. Government does not create wealth, and government does not improve the economy. Government creates economic distortions, creating either bubbles that inevitably burst or dislocations that prevent economic growth from taking place. There is no bigger waste of money than to give it to a government. That money you want to give to our governments is money that could have been more fruitfully spent expanding the company, giving workers raises, or even donating to private charities that will actually do good things with the money. There is no bigger waste of money than to channel it to the government.

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